Meet Forest Hills Presbyterian Church!

A FROM Church Involvement Story

Meet Forest Hills Presbyterian Church.

Located at the corner of Cascade and 36th street, Forest Hills Presbyterian may be just outside the Lowell area but their impact here at FROM has been influential. It was the interruption of the church’s food program, A.C.C.E.S.S.6 that led them to FROM. Once the church had become involved with FROM and its programs, they were so impressed and intrigued that they added it to their Mission Committee. Now, 30 parishioners volunteer for FROM helping in our food programs and among other positions.

With its current 300+ members working to fulfill the church’s mission, ‘Christ-Centered, People Focused, Mission Driven’, the church has been involved in many FROM programs. From our Food programs to the Thrift store, From Christmas projects to Backpack distribution and all the in-betweens, Forest Hills Presbyterian has continued to show up and share their time, energy, and efforts with us.

When asked what motivates the church to stay involved with FROM, it was just one sentence from their pastor that keeps them going. “We need to be Christ in other peoples’ lives.” With that, the church hasn’t stopped seeking ways to show up and serve. Forest Hills Presbyterian shared their experiences with FROM. “We see the impact of FROM every time we go, every time we get the newsletter, every time we man a truck or pack a commodities box. We are so grateful to FROM for allowing us to be a part of this amazing organization.” We’re glad Forest Hills Presbyterian has partnered with us in such an impactful, empowered way. Gratitude certainly goes both ways!

Thank you, Forest Hills Presbyterian.