Wendie Preiss

Executive Director

I started volunteering in the donation room as a way to get connected to the community. FROM’s values are what kept me here. I love that we get to be part of a ministry that makes a long-lasting, positive impact on the lives of others daily. What a blessing!
Fun Fact: When I was in Middle School, I wanted to be a comedian. However, it didn’t take me long to realize that I was not good enough to make a living as one. Though I headed down the math and sciences path, I have always enjoyed the laughter of others and the sense of community that comes with it.

Arianne Hall

Development Director

The Lowell community reminds me so much of my hometown and I love that FROM specifically offers the opportunity to see the impact we’re making right here in our community. I love building relationships with people and listening to them share their story (that’s what makes me love writing so much!)
Fun fact: I won a ‘celebrity’ cow milking contest when I was a teenager!

Christy Baldwin

Business Manager

FROM is an organization dedicated to supporting the Lowell community, a place that I have lived in & loved for 20+ years. My lifelong goals include working with kind-hearted people and filling the needs of others in a big way, like FROM does. Being part of this team is truly a calling and a blessing. Working on different projects with a wide variety of people is my favorite part of my job. There’s always another project to work on and a chance to learn from others. I like meeting new volunteers and getting them excited to participate in our projects too.
Fun Fact: I’ve enjoyed birdwatching my whole life. The Barred Owl is my favorite because when they get talking to each other it sounds likes laughing monkeys. I can’t help but giggle!

Kelly Glas

Healthy Food Program Coordinator

I was introduced to FROM through a previous board member while in college. This led me to completing my college internship here. A couple years later, when I found out there was a position available in Food Access, I quickly jumped at the opportunity to be back! I love having the chance to bring together farmers, retail stores, volunteers, and clients in order to serve our neighbors in need.
Fun Fact: I love to be outside whenever possible hiking, paddle boarding, etc.

Monica Light

Program Manager

I’ve worked in the fields of education and mental health providing children, parents, and families support and encouragement in their life journey for more than 20 years! I appreciate the opportunity to work with a great FROM team providing services and resources in the Lowell community.
Fun Fact: My family has lived in the Lowell area for nearly 20 years and my two children graduated from Lowell High School. When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my family, biking, hiking, and reading.

Lauren Johnson

Thrift Store Manager

Lauren joined our staff as the Thrift Store Manager. Lauren has worked in retail, managing a CVS for many years before accepting her role at FROM. She lives in Lowell and was inspired to apply to FROM after seeing the way it has impacted her community. When Lauren isn’t at work, she likes to read, fish, or crochet.

Fun Fact: Lauren loves to collect Converse shoes and has an impressive collection.

Jeannie Chouinard

Office Administrator

Jeannie comes to Flat River Outreach Ministries with many years of experience working for different non profit organizations. Most recently working for a Presbyterian Church in Texas assisting with their monthly food program donations. Now working at FROM she enjoys seeing the next step in providing food and assistance to the community through this amazing organization.

Fun Fact: Jeannie is a BIG Disney fan and at one point had over a 1000 Disney collectables.

Jamie Watrous

Thrift Store Coordinator

Jamie joined Flat River Outreach Ministries after working many years in the medical field. She loves meeting volunteers and community members during her time in the Thrift Store!

Fun Fact: Jamie continues to work a few nights a week at Green Acres Of Lowell after forming such amazing relationships with the residents.

McKenzie Rhoades

Volunteer Coordinator

McKenzie has been involved at FROM since she was around 8 years old, when her grandmother brought her to volunteer. She loves taht FROM is a community resource that touches so many lives. You’ll see McKenzie around the building chatting with people, or even starting a dance party – just for fun!

Fun Fact: She is fluent in Spanish and loves soup.

2023 FROM Board Members

Shelli Otten – Board Chair

Phil Gerard – Board Vice-Chair

Paul Mundt – Board Treasurer

Amy Bell – Board Secretary

Carol Briggs, Dawn Broene, Jake Heitman, Jim Hodges, Bill Jones, Mary Nugent, Hunter Pham, Kelly Reitsma