Current Volunteer Openings

Thrift Shop


When: As needed. Sign-up online at 

 This position is very social and fun! No experience in cashiering is necessary!

Donation Sorter

When: Wednesdays

How: Sort items in the donation room. Sort and price in a department that interests you, restock Treasures store.

Christmas Sorter

How: Assist sorting through the Christmas department.

Games & Puzzle Sorter

How: Sort through the donated games and puzzles.

Healthy Foods

Farm Market Produce Packer

When: Every other Monday – Anytime

How: Pack produce for the Farm Market and restock it as necessary!

Farm Market Produce Stocker

When: Friday, or Saturday

How: Restock the fridge & keep it look nice & rotate produce while reporting low amounts to Kelly is an awesome way to make a difference.

Food Pantry Volunteer

When: Fridays: 9:30 am – 12:30 pm

How: Help with setting up and tearing down as well as running the store during morning open hours.

Office & Facility Support

Cleaning - Treasures Store, FROM building

When: Once or twice a month, flexible with your schedule!

How: Do you enjoy keeping things neat and tidy? Make a difference by vacuuming, dusting, and helping with special cleaning projects.

We’d be happy to connect with you to answer your questions or give you more information about volunteering. Please contact us at 616-897-8260