Spring Clean Up with Repair & Restore


Last weekend FROM held their second annual Repair & Restore Spring Clean up Event. About a dozen volunteers helped out on outdoor projects throughout the greater Lowell community.

Volunteers worked on 6 projects throughout the day that included cleaning gutters and picking up yards to prepare for summer. The biggest project of the day involved moving a large wooden shed 50 feet up a hill in preparation for a future ramp installation project.

“It was great weather and everyone showed up fully prepared to get dirty and serve our community,” Bob Rogers, the volunteer who leads the FROM Repair & Restore project, said.

The Repair & Restore program provides small home repairs throughout the year, with the Spring-Clean up event being a service area wide outdoor project that happens one Saturday a year in the spring.

If you are a homeowner in the Lowell Area School District and are in need of some small home repairs, please reach out to our Connections Office (616-897-8260 ext 125) to talk to Monica about options available to you. If you love working outdoors and are looking for ways to give back to the community, be sure to sign up to volunteer for the next Repair & Restore event by visiting our website (fromlowell.org/volunteer/).

A big thank you to every volunteer who came out to serve your community on May 20! We are so thankful for your heart to serve your neighbors in need.