Teaming Up to Aid Ukraine

Currently in our Medical Equipment Loan Closet, the regular team of volunteers who clean our donated equipment, are collecting items to be sent to Ukraine.

FROM periodically receives items that we are not able to use, so these items will be shared with communities who most need them.   

“Life is so difficult there right now and we want to do our part to help,” lead medical loan volunteer, Denise, said.  “We don’t want any of our donations to go to waste, so we are sending the items FROM is unable to distribute to Ukraine.”   

Denise is working with St. Michael Ukrainian Catholic Church in Grand Rapids to get supplies to Chicago, where it will be sent out to Poland, to care for the injured Ukrainian refugees and to be dispersed into Ukraine.   

The items being collected include unused ace bandage wraps, gauze, suture kits, and bandages. If you have items you’d like to donate to this cause specifically, please bring them to our front office, and Denise and her team will make sure it’s included.  

Our goal is to use your gifts to cause the maximum amount of good in not only our community, but also the world at large.