Meet Our New Staff!


Lynn Wilson

Lynn joined our staff as the Volunteer Coordinator. After working with companies such as Whirlpool and AYSO Lynn heard about FROM through friends and knew she’d be a great fit.

Lynn is excited meet new people and help bring new ideas to our team and support the mission. Her fun fact is that she has 3 kids, a dog and three cats and loves to knit socks. We are excited for Lynn to join this community!


Lauren Johnson

Lauren joined our staff as the Thrift Store Manager. Lauren has worked in retail for more than 10 years, most recently managing a CVS before accepting her role at FROM. She lives in Lowell and was inspired to apply to FROM after seeing the way it has impacted her community.

She is excited to begin her role and get to know everyone here. When Lauren isn’t at work, she likes to read, fish, or crochet. Her fun fact is that she loves to collect Converse Shoes and has an impressive collection. We are excited to welcome Lauren to the staff!



Nikki Snyder

Nikki has been involved in the Lowell community for the past 10 years and was involved in the Lowell Community Wellness. She is our Office Administrator. She is excited for her role at FROM because of the opportunity it will give her to serve and get to know the community. Her fun fact is that she started the Pink Arrow flash mob 10 years ago. (You can watch the video on YouTube!)

How are Mondays going?

After opening on Mondays, Treasures Thrift Store has received a highly positive response from customers. 10:00 am on Monday mornings now feature an excited crowd lined up outside FROM’s doors, eager to participate in the promotional sales. Opening the store brought additional foot traffic and excited customers who helped raise nearly 13,000 dollars over the first four Mondays. “We are excited to have such a positive response from our customers. The extra sales will help us further the support of the company mission and help more families in the Lowell community.” Said Laura Bradeen, the former Store Manager. The funds generated from the sales will help support programs such as our backpack program or help our connections office serve more people through financial assistance. Mondays have been a big success for the Thrift Store, and we hope to see more customers flood our store in the future.