Meet Nick and Judy!

Meet Nick and Judy.

When COVID-19 halted resources, and communities, many of us made the move to work, and focus on staying home. When Nick and Judy found out their church’s food donation program was going to be interrupted, they followed their hearts to FROM. They hoped to help make sure those who were in need received help. Nick, a retired Independent Consultant and Judy, a retired Organizational Development Manager chose to show up for their community with helping hands and grateful hearts at a time of great unknowns.

The couple found themselves eager to serve FROM and its food programs.

“We found ourselves collecting and delivering items for the resale store, food for the pantry, working in the pantry as well as the various food distribution opportunities.” Judy shared.

Nick was excited to put his handy man skills to work, sharing his experience redesigning, building, and installing the new pantry.

“I would say that both, Judy and I are addicted to helping this organization.” Nick expressed.

For Judy, choosing to give back to the community was a very personal decision.

“I know how it is to not be sure if you will have enough money to feed your family and to keep the house heated,” she said. “I am blessed beyond measure that I am in a position now to be able to give time, money, resources and talents to this marvelous organization.”

We are so grateful that Nick and Judy chose FROM. Their laughter, life stories and very apparent love for those around them is truly contagious.

“We will continue to volunteer as long as FROM will have us!” Nick promises.

Together, they have volunteered many hours in FROM’s food programs, and in other administrative needs FROM has. With their church, Forest Hills Presbyterian Church, they’re involved in Mobile Food Pantries throughout the year.

Thank you, Nick and Judy!