Meet Amanda!

A FROM Donor story –

Meet Amanda.

Amanda Rogers is a wife, mother, friend, volunteer, leader, and business owner. Her business, Rogers Neighborhood Realty, is FROM’s newest Food Fight Match Base sponsor for 2023.

Volunteering and serving at more than nine local organizations, including FROM, you may wonder how one person could be involved in so many heartfelt organizations.

For Amanda, the answer is simple: Dedication, heart, and persistence.

“I am convinced that if everyone tried to make the world a better place right where they are at, in their little sphere, that we would all be a lot better off,” Amanda said. “[I’m] just trying to do my share and make opportunities for others to make a difference as well.”

Amanda started Rogers Neighborhood Realty in December of 2020. When asked to capture Rogers Neighborhood Realty, Amanda shared, “We enjoy being able to serve the community we live in with intentional care and extensive knowledge of all things real estate.”

The business now has four agents and a permanent location in historic downtown Lowell.

Amanda’s time at FROM hasn’t always been as a volunteer or donor. Her first experience was as a thrift store shopper. Living just a couple blocks away from FROM’s previous location on Jackson and Main, Amanda enjoyed having a thrift store within walking distance.

“The more I see of how the organization works, and how they process through decisions, the more I want to help them continue in their endeavors. It’s a natural fit for me!” she said about why she partners with FROM.

Thank you, Amanda, and all our Food Fight Match Base sponsors. We’re thankful that they have generously helped provide a more than $40,000 match challenge! The match is available between now and June 1, or until the match base has been completed. Make a donation online today at: