New Staff Spotlight – McKenzie

(McKenzie, our Volunteer Coordinator, shares why she is excited to be at FROM. She loves soup – cooking, consuming and experimenting with it. So if you have a good recipe, please send it along!)

Hello! My name is McKenzie, the Volunteer Coordinator, and I am old as FROM (Flat River Outreach Ministries)!

I love to read and spend time in the sun, either with my dog, family, or friends. I became involved with FROM when my grandmother brought my sister and I in to volunteer with her in the food pantry when I was around 8-9 years old! I have volunteered on and off since.

I love that FROM serves a wide needs demographic, from the food pantry to Main Street Housing on to medical loan. FROM is truly a community resource that touches many lives.

In college, I worked with FROM on a grant writing project while I was studying Public and Nonprofit Administration at Central Michigan University. Arianne, our Development Director, was a great help and resource to me!

There are a lot of reasons I’m excited to be the new Volunteer Coordinator, but the main one is to be a great resource to all our amazing and dedicated volunteers. In doing so, that excitement spreads, furthering FROMs mission.

On a personal level, I am ecstatic to be involved in the administrative workings of an organization that I have grown up with and around and seen flourish within the Lowell community.

Volunteering means giving all that I can to those people, programs, or things that might need a little extra help or support. No matter how big or small the action might seem, the effects are boundless. There is ALWAYS something to do, wheelhouses to broaden, and lives to touch, which is a never-ending cycle of awesome!

I think one of the most eye-opening services that FROM provides is Medical Equipment Loan Closet. There are so many things that are not easily accessible in our world, but having a resource that is free and has no time constraints means that the world is a little more accessible. Injuries, illnesses, and disabilities are not fun to deal with financially either, and having access to medical loans means that the financial constraints are a little less which leads to more inclusivity in our world.

Beyond FROM, I have participated in Lowell Rotary events (if you super sleuth enough you will find some awesomely embarrassing photos of myself on their Facebook page) and I love to support small local businesses! I love to chit chat and get to know people. If you see me around, please feel free to say Hi, give me a high five, or a big bright smile…even better if you want to have a dance party. And I am always around to help, we are all in this together to build and grow a stronger community! If you or someone you know are interested in getting involved with FROM as a volunteer, feel free to email me (, give me a call (616-897-8260 ext. 133), or stop by my office to chat over a cup of coffee.