Laura Olney, Occupational Therapist (OT), works with home-bound individuals through Mary Free Bed at Home. She often comes to FROM’s medical equipment loan closet to borrow medical equipment for her clients not just because they are unable to leave their homes, but because “lots of people can’t afford the equipment they need,” she says.

During her twenty-eight years as an OT, Laura’s goal has been to “help people become independent safer and,” she adds

“FROM helps provide it [independence] with the equipment you have available.”

Because FROM relies on donations, the items available vary, but often includes shower chairs, walkers, wheelchairs, crutches and more.

Laura has also been pleased to see her clients donate equipment back to FROM after they are done using It. One of her clients said she donated equipment back because she “wanted to make sure it could help someone else as much as it had helped her family.”

Laura and her clients are so thankful for FROM’s medical equipment loan program.

“The program has made it so people can do things like use the toilet, take a shower and get out of the house again,” she says. “You have an awesome service here.”