Learning Something New – Cooking Classes at FROM

Mid-February we hosted our second Healthy Cooking Class! Led by MSU Extension, the evening was filled with a fun environment to learn cooking skills and be hands on in the cooking process.


Nearly a dozen people came to the event to learn knife skills to cut different vegetables, all of helped build the meal. The best part? Enjoying a delicious chicken stir-fry dinner at the end!


“It was a fun way for my family to do something together and to enjoy a fresh meal,” one attendee shared.


The Healthy Cooking classes were launched Fall 2021 to encourage community members to cook at home with fresher, healthier, and more nutrient dense ingredients.


“These classes are also to empower individuals to grow their skills and knowledge in order to feel confident in the kitchen,” Kelly Glas, FROM Healthy Food Program Coordinator shared. “I love being able to take part in these classes and learn something new during each one!”


Healthy Cooking Classes are open to the public and will be offered all throughout 2022! Be sure to watch Facebook, or join the FROM email list to hear about the next event coming in May!

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