Giving FROM the heart

“I give from my heart because I love this place and I love Lowell,” Carol Guyer said.

Carol has been a faithful volunteer for FROM since 2009, when she and her husband began working in the donation room.


Other volunteers fondly remember Carol and her husband, John, laughing and calling after each other as they joyfully buzzed around the building getting things ready to be sold in Treasures Thrift Store.

John passed away in 2018, after 41 years of marriage. “I continue volunteering because this is my home and happy place,” Carol says. “If I didn’t, I’d be sitting at home crying.”
Carol and John Guyer have become such

pillars in the FROM family and community. Carol currently holds the record for the most volunteer hours, with 17,000 hours! Carol currently spends most of her time in the new donation room, which is named after her and her husband, and at the cash register, helping things to run smoothly.

FROM isn’t just a place to spend your time, it’s also somewhere you can take part in a new community and build new friendships all while making an impact on the greater Lowell
community. If you spend any time with Carol, you’ll also receive an overflowing dose of laughter.
Carol says, “if I didn’t love it, I wouldn’t do it.”