Poverty Simulation

Tuesday, April 22nd

Join FROM and Lowell Schools for a Poverty Simulation on Tuesday, April 22. The simulation begins promptly at 6:00 pm at the Lowell High School Auxiliary Gym. Cost is $10 for adults – high school students free. Register today: tamelas@fromlowell.org or call 897-8260 Ext. 26.
Food Pantry
Food Fight

Poverty Simulation

Join FROM and the Lowell Schools to experience Poverty FROM the heart. Today 1 in 7 Americans does not have the resources to provide for themselves or their family.
Poverty exists here in our community and we want you to experience it for yourself.

Raise your awareness and learn what poverty feels like by participating in the Poverty Simulation on April 22 from 6-8:30 pm. Join us in the Auxiliary Gym at Lowell High School.

Register today or call 897-8260 Ext. 26.

Thrift Shop

Your dollars spent at our Thrift Shop helps support our Food Pantry! Please visit us often! New Merchandise Arriving Daily! We always have our "2 items for 50 cents" sales rack! Check out our Specialty Shops! Boutique, Furniture, Seasonal Room, Etc.

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