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Donation Tips

Each morning, volunteers at FROM (Flat River Outreach Ministries) prepare to sort another day’s worth of donations for the Thrift Store. Large, colorful bins spread out along the concrete floor […]

Meet Our New Staff!

  Lynn Wilson Lynn joined our staff as the Volunteer Coordinator. After working with companies such as Whirlpool and AYSO Lynn heard about FROM through friends and knew she’d be […]

How are Mondays going?

After opening on Mondays, Treasures Thrift Store has received a highly positive response from customers. 10:00 am on Monday mornings now feature an excited crowd lined up outside FROM’s doors, […]

Meet Our New Staff Member!

  Nikki Snyder Nikki has been involved in the Lowell community for the past 10 years and was involved in the Lowell Community Wellness. She is our Office Administrator. She […]

Congratulations to Team South!

After a month of friendly but fierce competition, Team South has emerged victorious in FROM’s (Flat River Outreach Ministries) annual Food Fight Campaign.   From May 1 – June 1 […]

Thrift Store Now Open Mondays!

For Treasures Thrift Store, Mondays have always been bustling with volunteers excited prepare the shop for the week and interact with one another. Now the community will be able to […]